Winter 2014

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A Tongue With But Six Words
Six poems

“We only long in short term.”

Anthea Yang
“Tell Me Something I Want to Hear,” “Nothing Fills You Up Like Regret Does” and “We’re Not Here to Defy Gravity”

“This is how you paint the walls with every colour that hasn’t existed yet.”

Samuel James O’Brien
“Wash,” “Leader” and “Naturally”

“Then one day a heart breaks, the first piece for the first time, and for this there is no training.”

Charles Hand
“Metaphors Be With You”
“I’ll reach down deep into my mysterious subconscious, dip my pen into my own blood to write in large flaming letters across the sky that I am here.”

J. S Bats
“The Altar of Barbara”

“This is my lawn. This is my woman.”

Nicole Brewer
“On Judging Art”

“We bleed profusely, emotionally, but go to great lengths to appear as though we do not.”

Paul Haley
“Virgin Falling”

“To me, marriage meant slavery, the only fate worse than getting a job and working for a living.”

And artwork by Monique Medeiros.


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