No One Will Ever Believe You

by Shea Stripling

“Shea Stripling can tell a wild and lovely story, and that’s exactly what she does in No One Will Ever Believe You. To call this simply a Bill Murray tribute would do a disservice to all the layers of this book — it is a love story, it is a charming display of Stripling’s extensive Murray knowledge, and it’s an examination of the human condition. Using various forms and endless Bill Murray one-liners and movie references, Stripling writes lust, love, loneliness, joy, and personal anecdote with an effervescence, an unmistakably fizzy language that delights and throws its reader into a fit of glee and contemplation simultaneously. If poetry is life distilled, as Gwendolyn Brooks famously said, No One Will Ever Believe You is a clear and fresh drink of Stripling’s singular verse and life — it is, truly, an exciting book!”
Ashley Jones, editor, PANK Magazine

“You don’t have to know Bill Murray to love the poems in this collection – they are smoky rooms and sweet vermouth, words on diner napkins and lipstick kisses. They are cool to the touch, easy to get lost in. Just like the movies, Shea has created a poetry collection that is memorable and playful and dizzy. It’s fan fiction, but better: love letters to little moments. Bright, beautiful, and fun.”
Carlotta Eden, co-founder & editor, Synaesthesia Magazine


Print: $9.99
eBook: $2.99


About the author
Shea Stripling was named as an homage to the once great Shea Stadium where many gathered to see Joe Namath’s collection of fur coats. That landmark has since been demolished. She is contractually obligated to legally change her name to Citi Field, and so all author credits may be attributed to that institution.