Summer 2015

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Bailey Workman
“Two-Sided Stories”
“But no one mentioned how the burning in my throat eases the burn in my heart.”

Barbara McGaw
Mother’s Veins
“On the backs of my hands, veins work their way (like cracks in glass) cutting north then east, coursing silent red beneath my skin.”

C. Parong
“When I look at you I see the Crab Nebula, and it might be the dabs we took before breakfast or the acid we dropped after lunch, but I don’t think so.”

Forest Greyson
“Tinderbox” and “Faultful”

“Liars and dirtbags – it’s not so bad to be us.”

Luke Normsy
“Here it Comes” and “Unbearable Lightness”

“My heart’s been broken, but that’s nothing compared to what I broke in them.”

Michelle Tudor
“Devour” and “Serpent Song”

“He drinks straight from the bottle and his mouth tastes like summer rain.”

S. R. Mason
“I Wrote the Declaration of Independence with Saltwater and Mascara.”
“Purple and blue became national colors.”

Alec Hutchinson
“Cakerson, Inc.”

“The business of business is business.”

Kayla Allen
La Vie en Jaune

“Adelaide saw their year in shades of yellow.”

Patty Somlo

“Had her body been burned and scattered, with hundreds of millions of tiny pieces, the fine dark dust of her, left there covering the ground?”

Shunda Colvin
“Secrets in Blue Palette”

“I wished that I’d never seen the blue light.”

T. Imel
She Who Knows Green

“It’s the color of my lungs collapsing as I dance in the ballet shoes he bought for me, knowing I was nothing close to a dancer.”

And artwork by Holly Sharpe.

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