Spring 2015

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Aimee Cando
“So crawl up the tips of my fingers and live in the homes I built on the hills of my wrists.”

Kimberly Casey
“Penumbra Internal”

“The wars inside of you spark like fireworks.”

On Tim Tang
“Firsts” and “Temporary Guests”

“I maintain that I was the one who loved him the most.”

Peter Barnfather
“Hushed Serenade,” “Lost Scents” and “All Those Moments”

“I only ever fell for you.”

Spencer Butt
“Career Opportunities,” “Fast Fold” and “Be Good/Have Fun”

“I look nice with your eyes closed.”

Cheryl Rydbom
“The Jenny”

“For sixteen hours a day I’m a middle-aged redhead.”

Christopher D. DiCicco
“The Worst Thing About Hell is You Have to Climb Down to It”

“You liked the story earlier. Now you’re not sure.”

Emilia Rodriguez

“Maybe that’s too much to hope for, to be loved for more than just keeping a clean home and getting pregnant.”

Kayla Altman
“Act I,” and “The Tallest Slumber”

“I fly. Arms wide. Legs straight. Eyes shut as you let me drop.”

And artwork by Allie Mavian.

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