Hypertrophic Literary Winter 2018



Caitlin Wolper  |  Two Poems
Genevieve Kersten  |  Three Poems

Georgia Bellas  |  Two Poems
Quinn Lui  |  Three Poems
Sneha Subramanian Kanta  |  Three Poems


Alana Gautreau  |  Nourished
Allison Epstein  |  The Stargazers
Angie Ellis  |  Navel
Annie Frazier  |  Count the Ways

Brianna McNish  |  Museum of Vanished Things
Kristine Langley Mahler  |  The Parts No One Wants to Hear
Nathan Willis  |  Patient Zero
Saramanda Swigart  |  The House of Rumor
Zoë Wells  |  The Anatomy of a Home


Sandra de la Cruz (Barcelona, 1983) studied telecommunication engineering, but has always had a passion for drawing and the arts. Three years ago she started to take her passion seriously as a way of making a living. Her other passion, poetry, brought her in contact with contemporary writers, for whom she made various covers and illustrations. In 2017, she published her first poetry book illustrated and written by her: Obsidiana. In the last few years, she has made exhibitions, collectively and also individually, in different showrooms and ‘concept stores,’ always revealing a personal and intimate style to her work. She has never put aside either the experimental side of her art with new techniques and themes, nor her own personal project with full dedication. Find her at sandradelacruz.com.