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The world of literary magazines is constantly changing, forever evolving, as today’s enterprising editors apply fresh artistic vision, editorial aesthetics, and curatorial instincts to the periodical form. Here are nine new journals that appeared on the scene within the past couple of years and have already made their mark on the literary landscape. What’s more, all of them are open to submissions.


Hypertrophic Press, an independent publisher based in New Market, Alabama, puts out this quarterly magazine in both print and digital formats. The editors seek poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction with a literary bent that elicits physical reactions: “Our goal is to make reading not only a psychological experience, but a physical one, too.” Previously unpublished as well as established writers are welcome to submit. The Fall 2016 issue features work from ten contributors, including poetry from Joyce Chong and Lauren Milici, and fiction by Spencer David Potts and Jesse Kominers.
Editors: Lynsey Morandin, Jeremy Bronaugh, Madeline Anthes
E-mail: hyper

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