Winter 2017

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Elizabeth R. Hitchcock
“Emergency Rooms,” “Maple Leaves” and “When I Leave”
“You went to war alone, with the door shut, curtains pulled tight.”

Jesse Rice-Evans
“Alien,” “Astral Eddy at the Confluence of Self and Un-Self,” “I Want to Wear Makeup but I am Afraid of Beauty” and “Planted”
“let yourself live, take just enough to make it hurt”

Katixa Espinoza
“Safe Spaces” and “Wake”
“This is what being rotten must taste like”


Bethany C. Gotschall
“What God Thinks”

“Sometimes she wouldn’t come home the next morning, not right away.”

Clio Velentza
“A Geological Map Report of our Home”

“I’m very old now when I visit, and he speaks with a clatter of pebbles and a tongue of moss.”

Corey Hill
“Last City”

“You can only recognize the apogee after the fact.”

Jennifer Todhunter
“The Weight of Grief”
“The guy in my bed doesn’t know he’s here because my dad died.”

Shasta Grant
“For a While” and “The Summer of Dating”
“Sometimes I dream that she’s still here and when she sneaks upstairs to Jeff’s bed, I crawl back into mine. The bed is warm from her body. The pillow smells like her fancy shampoo.”

Tyler Barton
“The Yard at the End of the Block”
“Missy’s gone, or else she’s ascended the next rung to Nirvana.”

And artwork by Anna Dittmann.