Winter 2016

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Aanya Sheikh-Taheri
“Anniversary,” “Expiration Date” and “Weekend Laundry”
“After the last death, all the old haunts, those caged graves inside of me, escaped like sources of light bending through trees”

Ash Huntley
“Drink it Up” and “Torn”
“I long to fold my body between bleached minds”

Lindee Cozort
“Saturday Confessions in the Arms of Someone Who Does Not Love Me are as Follows:”
“The roots of my childhood are buried in your backyard”

Troy Schoultz
“Obituary of a Mill Town”
“They stopped punching clocks, but are far from through making their wives cry”

Stephanie Tom
“A List of Fatalities,” “An Open Letter to the Universe” and “Diagramming the Brain as a Papaya”

“I can still trace constellations on my skin over my veins and the birthmarks near them, soft like bird feet on snow”


Ashley Hutson
“Like Sugar”

“Soon the sugar was demanding more. ‘Give me your marriage,’ it said.”

Jac Smith

“Even through the plastic I can still feel the individual granules of her.”

Michelle S. Lee

“Some of him washed ashore in a need to land, years sluicing across each other in foam, grains of what we would miss if he’d never flown that day.”


And artwork by Robert Farkas.