Summer 2017

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E.B. Schnepp
“Houses & Half-Done Things” and “Sandcastles for the Water Mocassin”
“diligent in watering what could not break and grow”

Lydia Eileen
“Beloit” and “More War”
“My father knocks me back with a bang, my father with hands so large he can hold me like a child or a cigarette.”

Michael Salgado
“Calculate the Unknown from the Known” and “Cartography on Stone”
“Our lives are defined by the people we disappoint.”

Samantha Lê
“The Disappearance” and “To Myself at Eight”
“They stripped the skin from your tongue so you can only sing their human songs.”

Shea Stripling
“I Never Liked a Girl Well Enough to Give Her Twelve Sharp Knives,” “That was Quite an Outfit You Weren’t Wearing Earlier” and “Do I Have any Volunteers?”
“A touch of my finger, a brush revealing a bit of your unexposed backbone.”

Tamara Franks
“Apologia,” “Up Close” and “The Island of Horses”
“In my neighborhood no one speaks, but dogs bark together late at night”

Christopher D. DiCicco
“Noah and the Dream of Mouth”

“Honey, I’m not ready,” I tell the bundle of blankets that shivers and then snores. “I can’t be a good father.”

Emily O’Neill
“Leave the Light On”

“It was the only time he kissed like he needed something at the back of her throat.”

Natalie Roberts

“You walk away feeling lesser than before, as if he’d taken something from you without your noticing.”

Timston Johnston
“Of Midnight Weeds Collected”
“Raptors know what flesh of the fish to leave stitched upon the ribcage, know to leave the head whole, butterfly the gills, to quicken the decay into soft colors, to leave sunned until the highway waves roll again.”

And artwork by Moanungsang Lemtur.