Summer 2016

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Alina Stefanescu
“Biggest” and “Those Who Love Raptors”
“Somewhere in a bedtime story the mother dies, but it’s no big deal.”

Dan Sicoli
“Her Remarkable Labor” and “First Night with a Woman Who Finds Ice in Everything”
“lightning strikes nearly half a million times a day
but not here”

Do Nguyen Mai
“I will come crawling out in trembling fragments, ribcage cracked through into splintered whispers”

Forest Greyson
“To Make the World’s Best Noodles” and “Tapioca”
“Grandma says things like “I’m fine” when she shakes off her fifth stroke”

Kailey Tedesco
“The Way His Aura Sometimes Feels” and “The Moth Cycle”

“Somewhere across the lake: my body blood-stiff and grey with rain.”

Rachana Hegde
“Primitive” and “& Here are 3 Things I Forgot to Say Last Time”

“first there is a boy, & the silence wears thin, & her bones atrophy in dirty hotel rooms”


Krista Christensen
“On Finding What is Not Lost”

“First, be seventeen and accustomed to taking risks with strangers.”

Robert Fitzpatrick
“The Promises of Memory Kept”

“The type that keeps you listening to the radio at 4 in the morning. Or causes you to vacuum the same spot on the floor for over an hour.”

Stephen Langlois
Vacant Lot

“It was later that very same day the shapes of the children were seen to coalesce  into a sudden solidity and emerge from the cloud like an abrupt breaching of reality.”

Taylor Imel
Paper Girl” and “My Mother is a Person”

“My mother wears a dingy, white cotton bath robe when she wants the day to leave her alone.”

Zachary Doss
“On the Outside”

“Sometimes he’s chill sexy, he is most often chill sexy, he is so incredibly chill, smokes cigars with the boys, drinks whiskey straight, laughs at dirty jokes and talks about sports he enjoys.”

And artwork by NDTank.