Spring 2017

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Eloisa Amezcua
Autocorrect: No Sorrows
“I am still la gringa unable to roll my Rs”

Josh Alex Baker
“We are still setting places at the table for ghosts.”

Seth Bodine
“Galaxies” and “Funeral Speak”
“You’re a galaxy with all the constellations I never knew.”

Tatiana M.R. Johnson
Caretaker,” “On My Father’s Anger” and “Add Half & Half for Sweetness
“When I speak of hunger, I mean watching your mother’s lips become a vault in the shelter line.”

Brandon Taylor

“Here was a person for whom his blackness was so unremarkable it didn’t even register.”

Craig Wallwork
“A Light at the Edge of the World”

“Living with a person who is invisible is about the same as living alone.”

Jan Stinchcomb
“Bond Girl” and “Reunion”

“It’s nice that her mother decided to stay behind with her migraine so Georgia could be her dad’s date.”

Kyle Hays
“Thank You for Disappearing”
“He doesn’t want it to be instantaneous. He wants to suffer for as long as he can.”

Meghan Phillips
Some Things are Easier to Explain than Others
“It tastes like Bug’s room when I used to perch on the edge of her bed and read to her.”

And artwork by Patty Variboa.