Spring 2016

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Alex Sarrigeorgiou
“Those who danced on restaurant tables, flowers at their naked feet, or watched patiently as the birds discovered a new electric balance are more likely to understand.”

Elisabeth Hewer
“Classical Fiction,” “Green Suns” and “The Things that I Know”
“I know that vodka tastes better than staying too shy to talk”

Kimberly Casey
“Dreaming of the Desert” and “The Island”
“She took my hands, stuck with shards of glass from windshield, stitched them in with his broken vertebrae, ruptured spleen, our cracked ribs, concussions.”

Kwan Ann Tan
“Maybe, Here”
“Maybe here, I think. Lips pressed against sea-salt marble.”

Laura MacDonald
Belly Like a Bowler Hat” and “The Kind of Youth that Hangs off Your Face”

“The moment I found out I was pregnant, I named the baby Godot.”

Rosa Walling-Wefelmeyer
“Old Faithful”

“Here it is, tracing itself up the hot rocks of your tidy spine, crossing the blood-brain barrier, seeping between cerebral creases.”

Topaz Winters
“The Wolf Pack Welcomes November”

“November is blue-black playing tag with pristine white. White like calamity. White like absolution.”


Chelsea Laine Wells
“Midas Girls”

“Naked by necessity, utterly idle, trapped within his solipsistic life like a princess languishing in a tower, his body becomes his obsession and his work of art.”

Erin Blue Burke
“Only Life”

“This is what scares him. The nightly baths, always with different music. The silence of the house.”

Madeline Anthes
“After Storms” and “Listening for Life”

“We liked the weight of the guns and how they smelled like our father. Like grease and metal and something on fire.”

Nick Gregorio
“The Slipper People”

“It used to be funny. When they’d first moved in. But after a school year, the silent dinners, the loud dinners, the Slipper People had stopped being funny.”

Nina Ficenec

“Khun’s ex-wife once told him he’d be less intimidating if he looked like Channing Tatum.”

And artwork by Joshua Raymond.