Hypertrophic Literary Summer 2018



Francis Daulerio  |  Three Poems
Haley Campbell  |  Three Poems
Kathryn Lipari  |  Your Mother Has Another Black Eye And
Nick Alti  |  Three Poems


Elisabeth Alain  |  Lemon Scent
Jennifer Fliss  |  A Man Who Helps the Neighbors  |  My Syllables
Kristen M. Ploetz  |  Bitter Pills
Monica Macansantos  |  Stopover
Robert James Russell  |  In a Chapel Built of Trees
Tommy Dean  |  A Thrumming Silence


Veronika Vajdova is originally from Slovakia. She is a self-taught artist who kept spending more and more time creating new art, which led to her currently studying 3D Animation and Visualisation in the UK. Some people pour their life into their diaries or blogs; she prefers to express herself through her art. By experimenting with colors and shapes, she wants the viewer to feel compelled to stop and think about the story behind the picture and maybe even find their own story.