Hypertrophic Literary Fall 2018



Chelsea Dingman  |  Three Poems
Danie Shokoohi  |  Three Poems
Elizabeth Ruth Deyro  |  Three Poems
Jim Warner  |  Three Poems
Sam Jowett  |  Three Poems
Sara Barnard  |  Three Poems


April Bradley  |  Gigantic
Jad Josey  |  Only Sky Above and Below
Jeremy John Parker  |  Those Peculiar Galaxies
Kristina Ten  |  Your Best Self
Melissa Goode  |  We Were Burning the Whole Time


Sreejith P A is an illustrator who works with both digital and traditional mediums. Luckily, he found art as a kid and has never looked back. Drawing inspiration from music and people, he specialises in portraits. His artworks, with their bold strokes and vivid colours, are a mix of the realistic and the abstract. Other than his art, he’s known for his sarcastic humour and love for biryani. Find him on Instagram @sreejithpa.