Fall 2017

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Elle Arra
“reflections of ghosts in translucent liquid distorted by the vapors of h u n g e r”

Emily Pierce
“Tourist Trap”
“i think i have only loved architects because if you cut my belly open you can see the ruins of cities built in shale”

Francis Daulerio
“The Parts of Space We’ve Not Yet Seen,” “Sartre in my Nursery” and “Out Past the Light of the Moon”
“God is on the run – feeling around with his hands in the darkness of space, wishing he’d made just a bit more light on Day One.”

Kendra Cardin
“Steps,” “Clockwork” & “Bittersweet”
“Let them say you were not easy prey.”

Meg Reynolds
“The Paramedic” and “The Bathtub”
“Six weeks is enough time to break ribs and fracture a skull smaller than an ostrich egg.”

Moira J.
“Root Soup,” “Courtship Between an Ice Machine and Swimming Pool” & “In the Absence of Finches”
“Part of you were dying every day”

Rachel Chaffin
“Relinquish” and “Bones Grow too Loyal”
“I thought I could hold you / sinking teeth into flesh”

Benjamin Woodard
Fatherwifehusband” and “The Word-Hater Reads his Future”

“Of all the unfulfilled desires bottled within the husband’s brain, the transformation before him is the one he feared the most.”

Cathy Ulrich
“Maybe in the Clouds, Maybe in the Stars”

“The woman upstairs is drowning her children in the bathtub, one by one.”

Lori Sambol Brody
The Girls at the Kaiulani Resort

“The Girls at the resort never get to the part of the story where the lovers draw back the curtains and reveal their faces.”

Sarah D’Stair
“They write nursery rhymes about such assaults such stricken moments of memory another one pressed into the flesh of a little girl’s mind she carries it with her into adolescence into later days with later boys the pardon only granted by the silence.”

And artwork by Joshua Bronaugh.