Fall 2016

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Alison Thumel
“Superb Mouthfeel” and “Trailhead”
“I could lie and say these boxes, though empty, contain more than you’ll ever own.”

Dan Wiencek
“I Love This Woman” and “New Red”
“What I have made will not be looked away from”

Joyce Chong
“Chalkdust,” “Houses Like Lungs” and “How to Discern Dream from Reality”
“to wake up, shut your eyes / to wake up, fall / to wake up, give in”

Kristy Jane From-Brown
“suck out your howl and make it mine as I became wrapped in the weight of your muscle”

Lauren Milici
“American Mistress” and “At the Drive-In”

“Put as many miles between his teeth and your lips as you possibly can.”

Meg E. Griffitts
“How to Return Home”

“Climb blackberry vines that thread homes like your dreams of black threading down doorless hallways.”


Cory Stillman – Runner Up, This Kid Can Write Short Story Contest
“Bald Barber”

“For a second, I saw myself.”

Franco Strong

“All I thought about was my own daughter and I hoped this world wouldn’t be as cruel to her.”

Jesse Kominers
“Eternity Tolls”

“Because I need to drink the next world through your eyes. And your mama’s. Because Papa’s are broken and can’t be fixed.”

Spencer David Potts – Winner, This Kid Can Write Short Story Contest

“‘Am I different enough yet?’ she asks him. She traces along her new face, fingertips digging in the scars and fat.”

And artwork by Barlena.