Fall 2015

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Anthea Yang
“A Mouthful of Summers” and “Undressed Truths”
“We were always outstretched for each other, for something that we couldn’t quite hold forever. ”

Autumn Toennis
“My Love, We Are Not Static” and “Hometown Collar”
“I am watching the world that would be ours if we stayed and didn’t go”

Christine Degenaars
“Kenny’s Nightmare”
“At night, he says, the things he’s forgotten creep out of his mind like shadows.”

Dave Trueb
“The Noble Platypus”

“There are far too many easy poems, sappy, sickly, moist poems on the subjects of unrealized love and obsessive love and teen-angst-ridden, sad-clown-type love.”

Patricia P.
Alphabet Soup

“There is a ghost in the kitchen; it’s banging all the pots and turning the oven on at 2 in the morning.”

Rita Feinstein
“My Imaginary Lover Lives in a White House”

“His name is Daniel. Alexander. Nicolas. Laurence. He’s the pirate king and he skins selkies for sport.”

Shea Stripling
“A Bath in January” and “She’s My Rushmore”

“Scarecrows have become so happy and useless. I am so happy and so useless.”

T. F. Adams
“Dear Annie, I Kissed Another Man”

“I didn’t see the American colors waving in the crying wind – crimson, snow, sapphire, all the spicy red or the strawberry fields so decorated with Your melted blood.”

Christopher D. DiCicco
“Setting You Free is the Best Thing I’ve Done”

“Outside, in the headlights, we see a narrow forest, the long line of light illuminating the dark where I imagine wolves wait.”

Kathryn Hively Lane
Fade to Beige

“Fuck balance. Life can’t all be about making everything the same.”

Matthew L. Kabik
So I Learn to Walk Like Fear

“It sounded like wet feet on tile, like running too close to the town’s pool.”

And artwork by Richard Vergez.