Sam Jowett

X Y Star (Embrace the Supernova)

Previously published in Moonchild Magazine

X Y star burns hyper-ripe fluorescence
luminosity volcanic
overbearing overloud
in its binary system
appearance taking precedence

X Y star churns shell upon shell
colour-drenched electric blue                                    (never ever pink)
emitting norms
gushing traits
not designed
to stop                                                                        (and cry)
just infinite plasma expansion
another layer, another layer, another layer
until scarlet swollen

X Y star core blisters
fusion thirsty
I don’t create
simply emit
and drench skin-scorched
in the blaze                                                                                   (and burn and burn and burn)

X Y star can only fuse
what “ought” to be fused
            lest the wrong
element                                                                                           (I dare)
                                    be added
            in the nuclear soup
and the
                                                becomes un-stellar
and the stable

but why fear the


Glow molten
welcome detonation

Disco blaze shimmer
embrace ejection

Shell rocketing, plasma shattering
self-service shredding, myself unpeeling
core reclaiming

Star rebuilding.



Anatomy of an Eclipse

Previously published in MeowMeowPowPow

Tell me we fit effortlessly
as flawless as a lunar matriarch swallowing its solar sibling
light desperate, crescent devouring

Tell me we’re not cosmic coincidence
not as two celestial spheres passing in Copernican flirtation–
but rather anchored in Ptolemaic perfection

Tell me we’re not fleeting
three mere minutes, so brief in actuality
yet forever lingering in memory

Tell me

As world desaturates into midnight ephemera
as Mercury winks, as Venus smirks
and the moon gnaws away that last auric sliver


As our fingers entwine and their silhouettes fuse
            as the corona unveils and its gossamer hairs shiver ivory


As solar diamonds glint through lunar craters
                                                      as twilight withers…our grip loosens and…


A blush of light                                          a rush of warmth
the spectrum blooms                                              masking an absence of
every conceivable colour to                                     touch




Life to the Tune of Borealis

The day I come out
as atomic cherry-bomb femme
is the day I dream of being Aurora

Celestial shimmer shuffle
above a sandbox metropolis
skyscraper flirtation
a wink, a spectral wave
light pollution bleached
Toronto’s Infinite Symphony usurped

                        If only it was that easy

City tilts, a thousand heads
heaven bound, a thousand voices
scream serrated, a thousand minds
wonder parched, a thousand retinas
splashing fear, a thousand thoughts

                        That think

Queerness must be sorcery incarnate
Aurora must be apocalyptic manifest
I have strayed from polar boundaries,
eschewed from gender dogma
unsheathed from arctic confines
stellar slipstream flowing
into territory uncharted
to be seen
to be heard

                        Even Aurora can tremble

Dream unravels, waking is clairvoyance
mind drifts, perception blooms
routine is charged
lipstick an electric verdant
eyeshadow flares solar fractals,
undulating to the tune of Borealis

Today I become ethereal ambassador

                        Today I know

Queerness is standing behind Aurora
as one stands behind a waterfall
seeing the world through
cataracts of amethyst
gushes of sapphire
a cosmic crystalline roar
tinting perception to the frequency
of endless colour

of endless possibilities



Sam Jowett’s bio is forthcoming in (REDACTED) press. This is their attempt to write a substitute bio that is significantly different from the proper bio in order to avoid the strict contractual obligations of (REDACTED) press. As such, the following may be mildly sensationalized: You can find Sam’s work featured in the Cretaceous Period, in a post credits scene from an upcoming superhero film, various sleight of hand card tricks, and smeared on gender neutral bathroom mirrors with ebony lipstick.